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AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd offers natural edible coatings for pre-harvest as well as post-harvest protection of fresh produce including Semperfresh coatings designed to effectively extend the storage and shelf-life of whole fruits and vegetables.

Both an industry veteran and fresh-cut produce pioneer, AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd has been a leading expert in shelf-life extension technology worldwide. Our patented line of products has grown exponentially, offering produce solutions to the processor and foodservice industries.

Along with the USDA, NatureSeal initially developed and patented a formulation to keep sliced apples from browning.  Today, our products have expanded into an award-winning line of fresh-cut formulas, created to combat oxidation and liquid purging. This line has grown to include protective formulations for over 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Our products are comprised of ingredients that are sulfite-free (GRAS), allergen-free, GMO-free, and Kosher and Halal certified, with some blends certified for use on organic produce.

AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd operates from a BRC-8 accredited facility and our products continue to be recognized for meeting the industry’s highest standards for quality, performance, consistency, and functionality. Our line of products are precise blends of vitamins and minerals that maintain the natural texture and colour of fresh-cut produce for up to days, without altering the flavour. 30+ different formulations are currently being used by over 500+ processors, across 30 different countries.

Our exceptional Research & Development team is continually working to solve industry problems with the introduction of new products. Our knowledgeable team can reformulate or develop new formulations to meet customer needs and standards, guaranteeing satisfaction.

AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd is a subsidiary of Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc, a world leader in edible film and specialty coatings for the pharmaceutical, confectionery, food, agricultural, cosmetic, and industrial markets. Founded more than 100 years ago and based in Westport, CT, Mantrose is owned by RPM International, Inc. RPM is a specialty coatings company based in Medina, OH and traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol, RPM.

Research & Development

Select from our current lines of product or work with our highly skilled scientists to develop a custom formulation to meet your specific needs. Our research and development staff consists of highly skilled food technologists, chemists, microbiologists, chemical technicians, plant pathologists and plant physiologists, and specializes in the development of functional edible coatings.

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Our Sales Team:

Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, India & New Zealand

Simon Matthews, General Manager

Email: info@Agricoat.co.uk

The Americas

Tim Grady, Assistant Director of Sales

Email: tim.grady@NatureSeal.com


Lee Hyde, VP Corporate Business Development

Email: lee.hyde@Mantrose.com

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