NatureSeal for Processors

AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd offers natural edible coatings for pre-harvest and post-harvest protection of fresh produce, including Semperfresh coatings designed to effectively extend the storage and shelf-life of whole fruits and vegetables. What began with a formulation to keep cut apples from browning has matured into a unique and progressive line of products that provide solutions for the fresh-cut produce industry.  Our Research and Development scientists have created an entire line of products that extend the shelf life, while maintaining the quality of a wide array of fresh-cut produce for up to 21 days.  

Other Processor Formulas:


Extension technology maintains the natural quality and shelf life in fresh cut fruits and vegetables.

Features & Benefits:

  •          Used as processing aids to maintain colour
  •          Maintains texture & reduces moisture loss and softening
  •          Does not impart flavour, colour, odour or taste
  •          Developed with the USDA, adhering to UK and EU Food Law


Organic Line

NatureSeal has developed OMRI listed formulations to extend the shelf life of organic produce.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maintains their natural  colour
  • Maintains texture
  • No alteration in the natural flavour of the organic produce

Produce Wash

NatureSeal First Step is a chlorine-free wash composed of organic acids and permitted in organic production.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effectively controls harmful bacteria and spoilage organisms
  • Formulated from food grade ingredients
  • Accepted by the Soil Association as processing aids for organic produce
  • Odourless and tasteless, the product appears fresh and natural 


Post harvest treatment to protect produce against physiological and mechanical disorders. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Delays ripening and extends shelf life of fresh produce
  • Maintains colour and fruit firmness
  • Reduces weight loss and shrivel during storage

Flavoured Apple Slices

  • Kids will enjoy eating their sliced apples with new fun flavours 



















NatureSeal is the pioneer of shelf-life extension and currently works with over 350 fresh-cut produce processors worldwide.  New product development is AgriCoat NatureSeal’s specialty. Developing specialized formulations for specific needs is an area of expertise for our professional team. Contact us to see how we can suite your produce industry needs.

Services Offered:

  • Establish quality specifications for incoming whole produce
  • Ensure your slicing, treating and packaging equipment are optimally configured
  • Develop tailored protocols to meet your specific requirements
  • Produce the finest quality cut fruits and vegetables possible
  • Shelf life and micro testing